Dial a Picnic Pretoria


Picnic on a whole different level……

Want to have an outdoors excursion?? Why not add a meal with it and have a Picnic.

Pretoria Dial-A-Picnic is professional and dynamic in what we do. We offer “end-to-end” solutions and strategies to ensure your perfect picnic-event will leave a lasting impression of excellence for you and your clients/guests. We pride ourselves in professionalism, quality, exceptional and outstanding service, enthusiasm, uniqueness, creativity and high values. Attention to detail is evident across every aspect of our operations. Our commitment to the success of your event means a dedication to quality, strategic thinking, creative flair and service excellence to ensure that your picnic- event is met with effective and efficient end-to-end execution.
No group is too big or too small. We put emphasis on flexibility and the smaller but critical extra effort when it really counts and seek to add value to your ideas and requirements.

We at Dial A Picnic Pretoria offers picnics for any occasion. Romantic date nights, weddings, baby showers, kiddies parties, private functions, corporate functions – anything you can imagine we can create.

We have a wide range of menus to suite your needs for your particular function or idea, or you can “DO-IT-YOURSELF” by renting our beautiful picnic decor.

Our picnics are part of the experience, everything we use has its own story. From the soft blankets and comfy, colourful cushions, the “made with love” cold meats, pates, breads and sweet treats, to the small personal touches, we will tailor make your picnic to meet your every need.

We offer a variety of picnic set ups that you can only dream of.
Romantic Picnics, Valentines Celebrations, Date nights, Wedding proposals, Bespoke Birthday parites – just to name a few.

We also have a database of the most stunning venues you can choose from to host your private picnic for 2 or Picnic for larger corporate groups.

Don’t let your next event stress you out. We at Dial-A-Picnic Pretoria have the expertise and knowledge to conceptualise and manage any customized function.

Our team will take the stress out of your function by entertaining your ideas and seeing it through to the final product.

We are what we repeatedly do – therefor excellence is not an act but a habit. So be sure to have our excellence shine through your picnic.