Experience A Moment Campaign

We all know someone or know of someone that is currently living with a life-threatening illness and what the impact of such an illness can be on a family. Often your whole family life gets consumed by the illness with regular visits to the hospital which takes it’s toll on your family.

Paula Janse van Rensburg, founder of Dial-a-Picnic, has lost her mom to breast cancer in 2003 and has a deep understanding of the impact such an illness has on the whole family. Because of this she decided to launch the Experience A Moment Campaign, through Dial-a-Picnic.

This campaign is for any person(s) living with a life-threatening illness. People living with life threatening illnesses may participate in this campaign and will hopefully be given the opportunity to spend some special moments with their loved ones.

They or any family member or friend can submit their story to us via our Facebook Page, where a panel will choose a winning story every 2 months.

The chosen family will be treated to: A SURPRISE PICNIC for 8 persons in a beautiful location. This day will be for them. They can sit  back, soak up the sun and for a moment enjoy a fun-filled and memorable day with their loved ones.

We hope to bring unforgettable moments of happiness and laughter to everyone that gets to Experience a Moment with Dial-a-Picnic.