Green Picnics

Sustainable business practices forms part of Dial-a-Picnic business philosophy.

There are 3 components to sustainability, i.e. environmental, social and economic sustainability. Below we have listed the practices we follow to maintain a more sustainable business model. Environmental / Ecological Sustainability:

  • We use organic fresh produce & products where possible
  • We recycle all our kitchen waste and work this back into our gardens
  • We use biodegradable, re-usable or recyclable packaging which in turn reduces unnecessary waste
  • Our Environmentally Friendly Shopping bag is a solution to the plastic bag endemic which is polluting our suburbs and threatening animal life.

Social Sustainability:

  • We employ people from disadvantage areas when needs be. They are employed on a casual and per job basis. Everything depends on volume. The bigger the function the more jobs we can create.
  • Our baskets are made by blind individuals to whom this (weaving of baskets) is their sole income
  • Our Environmentally Friendly Shopping bags are made by individuals who lost their jobs in the clothing industry due to the increase in imported products from China.

Economic Sustainability:

  • We only support local business and try to use as much small business products as possible.